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Improved Administration Tool for ArcSDE

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The newest version of SDEMonitor offers improved reporting, administration, communication, and automation tools that help a systems administrator optimally manage ArcSDE.

A new version of SDEMonitor, the utility that lets systems administrators monitor the activities of any ArcSDE server on a network, has been released and can be downloaded from the Esri ArcScripts Web site. At version 3, SDEMonitor has been completely rewritten using Microsoft Visual C# and the .NET Framework. When SDEMonitor is running, each monitor session is multithreaded and all calls to the ArcSDE C-API are multithreaded. Multithreading protects each session and allows a session to recover from failed or hung process calls. SDEMonitor can also now be installed and run as a Windows service.

Improved reporting, administration, communication, and automation tools help a systems administrator optimally manage ArcSDE. This release of SDEMonitor features the following enhancements.

  • Long-term and interval connection activity is graphed by process, database user, client system, client system type; and on a serverwide basis. This function tracks and displays statistics such as the number of connections, features read and written, lock counts, and network buffer usage over time.
  • The Idle Time display shows how long a process has been idle and the average time it has been idle.
  • An administrator can send immediate or timely messages to a connection based on process, database user, client system, client system type; or on a serverwide basis so that clients can be notified when necessary. Advanced warnings can be sent to users when the database or ArcSDE instance must be administered.
  • HTML-based timed reports of instance status can be written to a Web server accessible location so that any user with access rights can check on the current state of any ArcSDE instance.
  • Remote administration of an ArcSDE instance allows the administrator to remotely view log files or edit the ArcSDE instance configuration files on a Windows and UNIX platform using a single interface. ArcSDE instances can be started, stopped, and paused.
  • Administrators can use SDEMonitor to limit or restrict access to ArcSDE. A monitor session can automatically kill unauthorized systems that connect to ArcSDE and limit the number of connections a specific system can have at any one time. This feature can be used to trim stale connections.
  • The Alert Notification feature can warn an administrator about a system problem before it impacts users or during a crisis.

This utility can be downloaded at no charge from Esri assumes no responsibility for problems encountered directly or indirectly through the use of this product. SDEMonitor is an unsupported program made available for the convenience of Esri software users.

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