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Winter 2009
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  Focus Departments

   Simplifying Workflows
Working More Efficiently
Support for organizational workflows
A New Model for Address Point Management
Data interoperability improves customer service in Kentucky county
Enhancing the Law Enforcement Workflow
Server GIS app supports analysis, resource management, and communication
Managing Street Sign Assets
An enterprise geospatial business systems integration solution
SIDEBAR: A History of Success
Numerous GIS projects benefit Sacramento

Special Section

   Accomplishing More Every Day
Add a Map to a Web Page in Three Simple Steps
[PDF-316 KB]
Getting started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Code Listings from Article
Start Capturing Data Now
[PDF-168 KB]
QuickProject jump-starts field projects
Timely Geographic Information
[PDF-195 KB]
Add a GeoRSS feed to ArcGIS Explorer

   Manager's Corner
The Keys to Success
[PDF-195 KB]
Writing a competitive grant application

   Developer's Corner
Providing the Best User Experience
Answers to questions about map caching for ArcGIS Server
Making Your Point with Marker Symbols
[PDF-337 KB]
How to create custom symbols from photographs
Calculating Pervious Curve Numbers
[PDF-568 KB]
A custom tool built using ArcGIS Diagrammer and ModelBuilder
Support Materials
[ZIP-5.1 MB]
Using 9.3 Functionality and Scripts
[PDF-230  KB]
Calculating transportation network slope and travel parameters
Sample dataset
[ZIP-3 MB]
Good Option for Sharing Maps
[PDF-337 KB]
PDF format now supports layers
Watch Georeferenced PDFs in ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 on You Tube

Planning Forest Operations
A rule-based spatial DSS built with ModelBuilder
Better Crop Estimates in South Africa
Integrating GIS with other business systems
Residential Build-Out Analysis Based on Zoning
Meeting infrastructure demand using GIS
Time Approximate
Using multiyear estimates
Nearly Two Centuries of Data
Historical boundary and statistical datasets available
Leading the Way in Health GIS
Incorporating GIS into research and teaching programs

   End Notes
One Teacher's Vision
Taking GIS education into the 21st century
Inside the Metaverse
A "Second Life" for GIS education

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