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January - March 2005
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  Focus Departments
Enterprising GIS Management
Meeting the challenges of this new environment
Building an Enterprise GIS
in a Limited Fiscal Environment
Evaluating Enterprise GIS Requirements
Make the process more efficient
Powering Up Your Enterprise GIS
Tips for controlling costs while maximizing use
Server Consolidation Saves County Millions
Pierce County serves 600 users and 10 agencies

Special Section

   ArcGIS Data Interoperability
Streamline Work Flows With ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension
Direct read, import/export, and data transformation capabilities
Leverage Data Investments With ArcGIS Extension
[PDF-1.5 MB]
Tutorial uses data from five sources.
-Get materials for tutorial [ZIP-916 KB]
Creating Custom Formats With ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension
[PDF-1.5 MB]
Learn how to create a custom import tool and custom format.
-Get materials for tutorial [ZIP-12 KB]

   End Notes

Delivering Services to a Population Growing Older
Florida county maps its aging citizens.

   Developer's Corner
Georeferencing ArcIMS Services
[PDF-968 KB]
Correctly assign the coordinate system.
-Get materials for tutorial [ZIP-3.3 MB]
ArcSDE Data Preparation Techniques
[PDF-348 KB]
Enhance drawing performance.
Using the ArcIMS .NET Link
[PDF-356 KB]
New choice for creating custom ArcIMS clients
Investigating Insurance Claims
[PDF-356 KB]
Using ArcGIS 9 and a Tablet PC.
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-8.65 MB]
Modeling Topology and Fuels
[PDF-3.8 MB]
at the Wildland/Urban Interface.
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-393 KB]
Save Custom Toolbar Configurations
[PDF-308 KB]
Using multiple Normal templates.

GIS Tracks Earnings
Sent Home by Mexican Migrants
The Importance of Remittances
The impact of money sent home
Better Seal and Sea Lion Surveys Through GIS
Improved accuracy and more effective quality control
ArcIMS and Open Source Software Help Town Go Online
GIS and tax data available to residents and businesses
Performance Measurement in Local Government
Measuring the outcomes of services
Developing a GIS-Based West Nile Virus Infection Model
Project examines the environmental factors that contribute to the virus.
Using GIS for Grape Suitability Analysis
Indian study evaluates a range of factors.
Extension Supplies Fire Incident Mapping Tools
ArcGIS extension supplies information to incident command.

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