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April - June 2002
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  Focus Departments
The Spatial Place of GIS in Government Agriculture
Supporting agriculture in so many ways with GIS
USDA Establishes a Common Land Unit
Ambitious program maps nation's farmland
Agreement Expands Use of GIS Throughout USDA
Department standardizes on Esri software
Preserving America's Farmland
GIS makes programs 'doable' for agencies
Web Application Monitors Crop Conditions
South Africa supplies decision support
Making Shellfish Monitoring More Accurate
Oregon safeguards food supply using GIS

Special Section

 Using VBA
Moving to ArcGIS
Making the Switch from AML to VBA
[PDF-2.6 MB]
Lots of reasons to make the move to the new ArcGIS development environment.

   End Notes

Worldwide Natural Hazard Atlas
Reinsurance company developes online risk assessment tool.
Mapping Census 2000 with ArcGIS
[PDF-2.9 MB]

New interactive raster and image tools in ArcGIS.
- Get sample data [ZIP-841 KB]
Speed Up ArcMap Tasks with Shortcuts
[PDF-1.1 MB]

Direct access to frequently used functions

Talking About ArcView 8.1
[PDF-75 KB]

Finding the Right Stuff! [PDF-2.9 MB]
Build this handy utility for locating data.
- Get sample data [ZIP-1.5 MB]
Expanding Data Sharing with Metadata Services
Create online metadata repositories.

   Developer's Corner

Spatial Optimization and GIS
[PDF-303 KB] Locating an optimal habitat.

Many Benefits Realized Through Cadastral GIS
Services improve for Costa Rican city.
Departmentwide Access to Crime Analysis
Albuquerque PD uses ArcIMS with custom ASP app
Better Document management Through Georeferencing
GIS interface simplifies accesss to datasets and citations
Light-Duty Alternative Work Program Is a Winner
California city solves two problems at once

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