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Working With GIS and IT Organizations

Esri has supported standards both on the organizational level and in the way it has designed its products. On the organizational level, Esri has participated in international and regional standards organizations as well as information community standards such as those of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States government and its military.

Esri has a long history of participation in a variety of organizations that promote standards and interoperability. Organizations that enable interoperability can be grouped into two categories. International organizations, such as ISO and GSDI, promote interoperability across communities rather than a particular discipline. Other organizations deal with standards and interoperability for specific technologies or industries, such as defense or navigation. Esri supports both types of organizations through direct participation on boards of directors and chairing committees and by providing input for developing standards. The accompanying chart lists standards and interoperability organizations with which Esri works.

Acronym Organization URL Type
ANSI American National Standards Institute Standards
CEN European Committee for Standardization Standards
DGIWG Digital Geographic Information Working Group Standards
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee Standards
GSDI Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Interoperability
IHO International Hydrographic Organization Standards
ISO International Organization for Standardization Standards
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards Standards
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium Specifications
OMA Open Mobile Alliance Specifications
W3C World Wide Web Consortium Standards
WS-I Web Services Interoperability Organization Interoperability

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