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  Focus Departments
To Better Serve
Enterprise GIS amplifies the effectiveness of small governments
Making Enterprise GIS Affordable for Small Jurisdictions
Licensing scaled to smaller communities
Coping with Community Growth
By creating a conceptual view of developable parcels

Enhancing Water Department Efficiency
Using GIS and GPS to produce quality maps of rural water system features


Special Section

   Imagery Management
Getting the Big Picture
Optimizing the use of imagery in GIS
Greater Role for Imagery
An increasingly important source of geospatial data
Visualizing an Enterprise Approach to Imagery
Managing, analyzing, and serving imagery in ArcGIS 9.3

   Manager's Corner
Enterprise Geodatabase 101
A review of design and key features for GIS managers and database administrators

   Developer's Corner
Create a Geoprocessing Service
[PDF-1.3 MB]
Publish model and script tools using ArcGIS Server
Additional Resources
Developers Up for a Challenge
2008 ArcGIS Server application contest winners
Finding It Fast
[PDF-8.4 MB]
Deploying better map books for emergency responders
Sample dataset [ZIP-5.1 MB] and
DS Mapbook [ZIP-1.2 MB]
Customize Web Application Template with Minimal Effort
[PDF-104 KB]
Use existing ArcGIS Server samples and scripts to add more functionality
Listings [RTF-144 KB]
Simplify the View
[PDF-668 KB]
Hide, unhide, rename, and reformat fields
Geovisualizing Data with Ring Maps
[PDF-1 MB]
Improves comprehension when mapping many variables

Sample Size Matters
Caveats for users of ACS tabulations
California Lake Threatened by Pike
Geospatial technologies aid response to invasive species
Interactive Site Suitability Modeling
A better method of understanding the effects of input data
Keeping an Eye on Government Services
Online mapping services create a dashboard for managers
Learning More about Hurricanes
[PDF-1.4 MB]
Class exercise uses data from The National Atlas
Sample dataset [ZIP-8.6 MB]
Making Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Estimate Maps in One Day
An ArcGIS 9.2 application for water resources research groundwater
Geospatial Summer Camp
Role of technologies expanded from research to teaching

   End Notes
Where Did Water Flow on Mars?
Modeling Mars' surface in search of ancient rivers and oceans

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