Geography Network Challenge Winners

ArcUser October-December 2001

Minnesota MetroGIS DataFinder ( was the winner of the inaugural Geography Network Challenge. The contest, sponsored by Esri and the National Geographic Society, was started to increase the awareness of Internet mapping services and recognize innovative Internet mapping applications. Entrants to this year's contest came from federal, local, private, and academic organizations throughout the world.

Geography Network winners

Minnesota MetroGIS DataFinder was the first place winner of the
inaugural Geography Network Challenge.

The overall winning entry from Minnesota MetroGIS DataFinder was a collaborative effort by more than 250 local governments and associations. This ArcIMS application enables shared use of geospatial data in the seven-county Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of Minnesota through map services available from the Geography Network.

Other winners include the Chicago Police Department; Iowa State University; City of Sydney, Australia; and the United States Geological Survey.

The Geography Network Challenge was open to all organizations hosting live map services or spatial solutions on the Geography Network. Sites were judged on creativity, performance, documentation, user-friendliness, and visual clarity. The top winners receive Esri credits redeemable for Esri conference registrations and workshops, Esri Virtual Campus courses, or training at any Esri regional office or international distributor facility. Finalists receive subscriptions to the National Geographic Magazine.



Entry Title

  Minnesota MetroGIS


Transportation Image Service

  City of Tucson, Office of
  Economic Development


Commercial Property Solution

  Iowa State University
  –GIS Facility


GAP Analysis, Land Use/Stewardship Image Service

  USDA–Natural Resource
  Conservation Service


Soils Solution

  Chicago Police Dept.


Crime Data Solution–Information Collection for Automated Mapping (ICAM)

  Spatial Data Integrators


Dubai City Image Service

  San Diego Geographic
  Information Source


Community Services Image Service



Conservation Image Service–Greenhouse Gases and the Kyoto Protocol

  Nashville Metropolitan
  Planning Dept.


Property Solution

  Town of Concord,


Property Solution

  U.S. Geological Survey


NED Image Service

  King County,
  –GIS Center


Points of Interest Image Service

  Illinois State Geological


DOQ Image Service

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