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Summer 2008
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  Focus Departments
A Spatial Perspective
Integrating GIS into the decision-making process
Carbon Nation
Automated GIS process is creating a snapshot of biomass and carbon in U.S. forests
Visualization, Interpretation, and Evaluation
Building a multitemporal SDSS scenario viewer with ArcGIS Engine

Modeling Better Decisions
Land evaluation and site assessment enhanced with GIS


Special Section

   More Productivity with ArcGIS 9.3
Being More Productive on the Desktop
[PDF-3.7 MB]
Counting down new favorite features in ArcGIS 9.3
Top 10
[PDF-470 KB]
New geoprocessing features in ArcGIS 9.3

   Manager's Corner
Citrix Solved
[PDF-470 KB]
Hosting ArcGIS applications

   Developer's Corner
Out of Chaos, Comes Order
Moving from client-server to service-oriented architecture
Coding and Counting
[PDF-1.7  MB]
Joining and summarizing tables to add information
Sample dataset
[ZIP-3 MB]

The Secret Life of Polygons
Understanding the relative accuracy of user-defined areas
Showcasing Sustainability
Map heightens awareness of community practices
Prioritizing Seagrass Restoration Sites
Study examines predictors of seagrass bed recovery
Early Commuting
Exploring the mobility of prehistoric people
Taking Up the Challenge
Keynote speaker urges GIS users to action
UC Newbies
First-time attendees share motivations and reactions
Model Users
Awards put spotlight on industry leaders
Opportunities for Collaboration
Building bridges between surveying, engineering, and GIS
Inaugural Remote Sensing Summit
Strategies for better integration of imagery and GIS
Staying Current and In Touch
GIS educators gather in San Diego

   End Notes
The Art of GIS
GIS data inspires sculpture

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