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February 4, 2010

Latest Esri ArcGIS Data Appliance Includes Expanded Street Map Coverage and Consolidated Imagery

Redlands, California—The latest release of Esri's ArcGIS Data Appliance includes significantly enhanced maps in a new tiling scheme and simplified licensing. All the datasets on the preconfigured network storage device have been updated, and coverage has been expanded to ensure that users have access to the most efficient and consistent data they need for their geographic information system (GIS) projects. ArcGIS Data Appliance is used by many organizations that need reliable access to high-performance data and tasks behind their firewalls.

Esri's imagery offerings have been combined into one unique service, streamlining access to the best available high-resolution imagery. All the previous offerings, including World IKONOS Cities Imagery, World Imagery, and USA Prime Imagery, have been merged and blended, along with new high-resolution imagery for the United Kingdom (from Getmapping) and other countries. The best data from each service was used to provide the optimal vintage, resolution, and coverage for the new imagery collection.

The World Street Map offering has been updated with improved cartography and now includes building footprints where available. The maps for North America and Europe have been updated to 2009 data from Tele Atlas/TomTom and AND International Publishers NV. For Europe, the street map has expanded coverage for the largest scale level (1:5,000 meters). International coverage has also been expanded to include detailed street maps for various areas worldwide, including Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

All the map offerings on ArcGIS Data Appliance have been migrated to the Bing Maps and Google Maps tiling scheme in Web Mercator auxiliary sphere projection. This migration enables users to more easily create mashups with other popular Web maps. As ArcGIS Data Appliance powers ArcGIS Online, all these updates and enhancements are also available as online map services.

In addition to the product updates, the licensing for ArcGIS Data Appliance has been simplified with this release. Christophe Charpentier, ArcGIS content product manager, explains, "We have created simpler yet more comprehensive collections. Now users don't have to worry about predicting exactly which maps they may need for their projects; they just select the geography and zoom level. All available maps are included in each collection." Geocoding and routing options are also available for North America and Europe.

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