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Enterprise GIS Improves Efficiency and Services in Wayne County

Renewal of Esri Enterprise License Agreement Enables Continued GIS Development

May 10, 2011

Redlands, California—Since becoming the first customer to take advantage of Esri's Small Government Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) program in 2008, Wayne County, Pennsylvania's GIS has increased efficiency and public services in a variety of areas. The county is renewing its ELA for another three years, ensuring continued access to Esri's ArcGIS software to further develop the county's enterprise-wide GIS.

"As we bring GIS across the organization, it helps departments communicate, reduces data redundancies, and lets everyone know what info is available," says Wayne County GIS coordinator Aaron Lankford, GISP. "With the ArcGIS license, the issue is not about what you can do with GIS. Instead, it's about what you want to do."

Through its original ELA, Wayne County centralized six departments' geodatabases and deployed a variety of resources built on ArcGIS technology, including

Future GIS-based solutions will include an application that provides field assessors with synchronous tax and property data on their laptops throughout the day, taking the guesswork out of identifying property lines and structural modifications.

Lankford says comprehensive licensing provided through the ELA makes it easy for county departments to obtain geospatial solutions to suit their needs—from ArcGIS Desktop for planning and assessment staff to ArcGIS Server and selected extensions for the county's GIS team.

Further details on the Wayne County GIS department are available at http://gis.co.wayne.pa.us/. To learn about Esri ELAs, visit esri.com/ela.

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