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GeoDesign Summit Promotes Practical Applications

October 11, 2011

Environmental scientist and environmental attorney Braden Allenby will keynote the third annual GeoDesign Summit.

Redlands, California—GIS and design professionals, academics, and developers will gather at Esri headquarters in Redlands, California, January 5–6, 2012, for the third annual GeoDesign Summit. The event is open to anyone interested in the field of GeoDesign, which integrates GIS-based spatial analysis into the design process. This year's theme, GeoDesign in Practice, reflects a focus on successful GeoDesign projects and new GeoDesign tools that will define future technologies.

"Attendees will leave the summit with new ideas, tools, and workflows, enabling them to do design work in GIS with greater efficiency and effectiveness," said Shannon McElvaney, project manager of GeoDesign services at Esri.

Esri encourages attendees to showcase their work in paper presentations, Lightning Talks, and the Map Gallery. Presentations will cover GeoDesign application, technology, education, and theory, giving insight into the principles, methods, and tools that shape this field.

The keynote speaker will be Braden Allenby, an environmental scientist, environmental attorney, and professor of civil and environmental engineering and professor of law at Arizona State University. Allenby's areas of expertise include design for the environment, industrial ecology, and earth systems engineering and management. His presentation, Earth Systems Engineering and Management: Designing an Anthropogenic Planet, will describe the fundamental challenges in developing tools and frameworks for a planet that has been increasingly defined by human activities, technologies, values, and cultures.

For more information and to register, visit geodesignsummit.com.

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