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Dedicated to the management of fiber optic and telecommunication networks, 1Telecomms uses ArcGIS Server to provide specific industry capabilities and cartographic and schematic views to support the construction, deployment, operation and maintenance of outdoor or indoor telecommunication networks. National operators, mobile operators, subcontractors, local authorities, telecom syndicates, local loops, large companies, industrial or tertiary sites, and design offices use our solution. 1Telecomms allows them to design and locate their infrastructures (civil engineering, networks and services) and to benefit from a reliable inventory of their equipment and all the connectivity to operate the network faster and more efficiently. 1Telecomms enables the deployment of a multi-user system where each user can consult or feed the data base according to his or her user rights. The solution supports an unlimited number of geographic objects with configurable attributes to share the network model consistently and incrementally across the enterprise which improves accuracy through a shared view and enhances data quality. Using a comprehensive inventory and a reliable geographical representation of the network data, ranging from the cables to all the active equipments, telcommunication users can model end-to-end network connectivity, manage data workflows and infrastructure challenges throughout the entire network asset lifecycle, and thus meet customer needs and improve costs and performance.


Electric & Gas, Highways & Roads, Land Records, Pipeline, Public Works, Railroads, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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