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1Integrate unlocks the value of location data for your enterprise, at scale. It delivers automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement. It gives you confidence in your data by assessing its quality, ensuring it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose. It also performs data re-engineering tasks, such as cleaning data, transforming data or creating new data from existing data assets. Key features of 1Integrate include: • Apply business rules automatically and efficiently to spatial and non-spatial data • Validate data and pinpoint the exact location of errors in failing features • Apply rules-based data re-engineering tasks • Automate the correction of invalid data • Automate the integration or transformation of datasets • Automate the creation and update of datasets • Create and manage multiple rule sets for different datasets and services • Capture data management requirements as business rules • Replicate complex decisions by implementing intelligent, context-aware rules • Apply rules to multiple sources of data • Invoke processes from external systems via web services • Scale the system by adding processing resources to increase throughput when needed.


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