Decatur, AL, United States


3-GIS is leading the future of Geospatial Innovation by developing smart, simple, fast and surprisingly affordable GIS solutions. Our 3-GIS Network Solutions software bundle provides desktop and field users alike with easy-to-understand access to complex levels of GIS information and data. 3-GIS’s place within Alabama’s high tech corridor, the Huntsville-Decatur Demographic Area, gives them access to a highly talented pool of developers, technicians and engineers. 3-GIS is proud of their designation as an Esri Gold Level Business Partner and Strategic Participant. This partnership allows 3-GIS to tap the resources of key architects and developers of Esri-based technology along with leading businesses. In 2009 3-GIS was awarded Esri’s Business Partner of the Year for Innovative Mobile Application Development and then again in 2011 3-GIS won the Esri Private Web Application Award and the Esri Partners Choice Award, ultimately being selected Best in Show for the Use of Esri Technology.



Telecommunication Industry: -Panel Reports -Schematics and Plotting -Signal Report and Loss -Field Data Collection Tools -Work Packet Generation -Fiber Design and Planning -Auto Planning -Bill of Materials -Quality Assurance and Quality Control Gas Industry: -Leak Survey Management -High Accuracy GPS -High Consequence Area Inspections -Excavation Damage Assessment -Barcode Scanning Electric Industry: -Vegetation Management -Damage Assessment -ROW Management -Joint Use Management -Field Design

Services Provided:

GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, System Integration, Training Services