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Flexible and user-configurable, SpatialStation is designed to help GIS users build and validate mission critical spatial data to support the requirements of 9-1-1 Next Generation functionality for public safety and emergency response. GIS data is ‘the’ critical element for any successful deployment and operation of a NG9-1-1 geospatial routing solution. For years local governmental entities have been developing and maintaining data for use in static 9-1-1 map display applications to plot incoming ALI locations. In the i3 world this same data will also be required to determine the appropriate PSAP to which a live call is to be routed. Accuracy and timeliness of GIS data updates is a growing concern for i3. 911 Datamaster is providing new reliable and efficient tools to help 9-1-1 GIS administrators address these needs with SpatialStation.


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