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By A Quartic Solutions

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The Accela ROW Management Module consolidates GIS and project information from multiple departments and systems, including utility data from Public Works, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), Primavera project management, Development Services Department (DSD) permits, special events, and excavation moratorium locations. This information is analyzed by time and location to identify and highlight areas of potential conflict in the ROW. The system relies on quality, up-to-date GIS information and CIP project data as input. Quartic developed Python scripts to pull 11 layers from the Enterprise GIS and 2 tables from the Primavera CIP project management system. The script runs a delta comparison, extracts what is new, and zips the data into shapefiles that are fed into the Accela API. The script is run every 2 weeks and requires minimal maintenance.


Community Development, Electric & Gas, Forestry, GIS, Information Technology, Land Records, Marine, Public Safety, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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