Q Tools for Powerplan AIO

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Q Tools for Powerplan AIO is a GIS tool used for the grouping of CIP jobs into location based work packages. The application maps CIP data according to its prioritization (prioritization data generated from PowerPlan's Asset Investment Optimization software). Then engineers and planners use Q Tools to review the CIP prioritization and from a map select and assign the projects into logical geographic areas. Once grouped, the engineer can chose to save changes back to the AIO database. There is also a dashboard extension which allows engineers and planners to view the cost, length, and project counts by chosen dates and or geographic area. This enables staff to not only group CIP jobs logically, but also allows staff to immediately see if groups of work are planned properly by schedule and budget targets.


Community Development, Electric & Gas, Forestry, GIS, Information Technology, Land Records, Marine, Public Safety, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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