Safety Network Evaluation Tool (SafetyNET)

By Abley

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SafetyNET is an innovative online interactive road safety tool developed for the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). SafetyNET allows the NZTA to readily identify parts of the State Highway network where road safety performance is good or poor compared to national averages, where it out of character with the expected safety performance, and where it has engineering and operational features suggesting it may be a high risk site in the future. By displaying SafetyNET spatially, users can effortlessly identify high risk State Highway segments that warrant attention and target their investigations and investments accordingly. The modelling and analysis tools behind the content of SafetyNET could be utilized by any organisation interested in road safety, crash analysis and developing a tool which will help agencies prioritize which segments of their road networks should be improved to maximize favorable road safety outcomes. This solution is hosted using ArcGIS Server 10.1 and the Esri Flex API. Extensive modelling in Modelbuilder and python are applied to all road and crash data at a highly detailed level. SafetyNET for the NZTA has a linear resolution of 100m. This results in every 100m of highway being individually assessed for all safety performance indicators. In total 11,000km of highway are assessed throughout New Zealand.


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