Hazus Flood Model

By ABSG Consulting Inc

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ABS Consulting is currently working on a team developing the HAZUS-MH® (Hazards-United States, Multi-Hazard) Flood Loss Estimation Tool. ABS Consulting, under agreement previously with the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), is the Flood model developer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Hazus Flood model methodology development began in 1998, proof of concept occurred in 2000 and the release of the HAZUS-MH™ software in 2003. The subsequent maintenance releases (MRs) HAZUS-MH™ MR1 occurred in 2004; HAZUS-MH™ MR2 – in 2006; HAZUS-MH™ MR3 – in 2007; HAZUS-MH™ MR4 – in 2009; HAZUS-MH™ MR5 – in 2010; HAZUS-MH™ 2.0 – in 2011; HAZUS-MH™ 2.1 – February 21, 2012; and soon to be released HAZUS-MH™ 2.1 SP1.


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