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Accela Public Health & Safety™ tracks and manages the permit and inspection activities that ensure community health standards are upheld and environmental health regulations are enforced. Manage Health Inspections This application provides a central database for managing health inspections for any commercial business including restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. The system can be configured to reflect your jurisdiction’s existing regulations, ensuring that regular inspections are performed in a timely manner. The system can also help your department track historical information about a business such as past violations or corrective action. Maintain Environmental Health Managing regional air and water quality is an important aspect of your jurisdiction’s public health mission. Accela Public Health & Safety helps track and manage all of your environmental licenses and regulations—vehicle emissions, fuel dispensing devices, dry cleaners, major industrial plants, agricultural operations, asbestos testing and abatement, land clearing and grading, and other regulatory needs. Ensure Life Safety Accela Public Health & Safety helps your agency protect lives and property by providing an effective solution for identifying fire and life safety hazards and enforcing relevant codes. Accela provides a flexible activity tracking system to automate and manage license and inspection activities across the entire spectrum of your fire and safety codes. In addition, this application can help your agency automate fire prevention educational activities for every member of your department as well as your citizens.


Agriculture, Community Development, Health & Human Services, Land Records, Parks & Recreation, Public Finance, Revenue & Accounting, Public Safety, Public Works, Real Estate, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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