Advanced Technology International ATISCRA

Summerville, SC, United States


Alastar™, an SCRA Technology, shares wide area situational awareness that helps identify threats and increase the speed and effectiveness of emergency response. Alastar™ software leverages Esri ArcGIS API technology to embed maps and tasks in its web application to provide an all-inclusive, wide-area situational awareness tool. It enables first responders and other security personnel to fully assess their current environment and identify existing or emerging threats. From local operation centers to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Alastar™ offers wide area situational awareness information that can dramatically improve response times and coordination from multiple locations. Alastar™ makes available the information that responders need, when and where they need it. Alastar™ technology ties multiple information sources into one picture that is accessible in multiple locations - from watch standers in interagency operation centers, to command cadre on the go, to first responders on the street. By extending access to a tailor-able view of the common operating picture to all responders on their laptops or other mobile devices, a fully integrated response can be coordinated that promotes fast, safe security response.