Advoco Inc.

Greenville, SC, United States


Advoco is Infor’s leading EAM partner dedicated to providing companies with a total asset management solution. Many of our employees started with Datastream and Infor, and collectively we have over 400 years of EAM experience. Advoco is Infor’s oldest and largest Infor EAM partner and winner of the first ever Infor EAM Partner of the Year award. When Infor is looking for a partner to handle its toughest problems and most complex situations, they turn to Advoco. By optimizing business performance through an improved implementation and application of the software, Advoco builds a solution to help your organization succeed. Beyond implementation, Advoco provides services around Infor EAM configuration, integration to other platforms, including Esri, maintenance improvement, and mobility, among others. One solution does not fit all, so we partner with your team to design the implementation that best suits you. We provide training programs that enable us to not only have the most knowledgeable consultants, but also to pass that knowledge on to you. Because software is constantly evolving and staying up to date is so important to get the most out of your investment, we’ve created an online training resource for you – Connect Education Network. Furthermore, we host an annual user conference, Connect. In Latin, advoco means “to call in an advisor.” For you, it simply means expecting success. It’s a promise we deliver on daily.



Infor EAM offers endless possibilities for customization to create the ultimate solution for your needs and requirements. But with limitless possibilities comes doubts. There is no worse feeling than uncertainty when implementing and integrating an EAM system with other platforms, like Esri. When your assets are on the line, Advoco partners with you to develop a custom solution for long term success. We tie your Infor EAM system to your operating strategy which generates true ROI. With two highly configurable and customizable platforms, like Infor EAM and Esri, you need a integration partner who understands not just the platforms and how they operate, but your unique business processes and challenges. Advoco works as an extension of your team to tailor the ultimate integration which allows you to harness the power of both Infor EAM and Esri.

Services Provided:

GIS Strategy and Planning, System Integration, Training Services