Infor EAM GIS Integration

By Advoco Inc.

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Integrating IT systems can be complex, but together we ensure a successful project. Advoco’ s approach is to begin by considering the business benefits and requirements for your integration: these have to drive your solution. Advoco solutions use established and Infor approved mechanisms that allow for upgrades and scalability. Our expertise can help you integrate Infor EAM systems with a wide variety of software and systems. As a leading Infor EAM partner, Advoco recognizes that Esri is the foremost provider of geospatial services and our organization has deep domain experience with integration between the two platforms. Our integration process is based on the following foundational steps: • Start with the business: Define the processes that span the systems, who does them, and the system touchpoints • Design and develop the solution: Define the data mappings between the systems, user roles and error handling; develop the integration mechanism • Test, test, test: Ensure that the integration is tested at the unit level, system integration testing and end-user end-to-end testing • Support live operations: No matter how much testing is completed, invariably there is some issue that comes out early during live operation. Proper support and prompt issue resolution makes the difference between user success and disappointment


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