Denver, CO, United States


Aerometrex has over 40 years of experience in the geospatial technology industry. With global expertise in 3D modeling, aerial imagery and LIDAR, the business has been recognised for its work across multiple continents. Having started business in Australia, the company's US operations are headquartered in Denver, Colorado and have been established in response to the high demand for high resolution 3D reality modeling. Our core product in the US is high-resolution (street-level, 2cm and 5cm) 3D photogrammetry mesh models produced exclusively from imagery matched to precise ground surveys for spatial accuracy. We work primarily on a project basis, providing clients with elevated tools for visualizing, managing, and monitoring changes in the real-world environment. Our 3D mesh models are the contextual backbone for spatial analysis tools like ESRI’s Arc GIS Urban Suite. Aerometrex products are renowned world-wide for very high standards of production quality and accuracy. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and delivering the best product in the market. Whether you are a planner, property developer, engineer, solar installer, environmental scientist, mine manager or lawyer, you can trust our products.