Ag-Analytics Add-In for ArcGIS Pro

By Ag-Analytics Technology Company LLC

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The Ag-Analytics Add-In for ArcGIS Pro is the first generation of technology that allows you to access your precision agriculture data directly in ArcGIS Pro. That data, along with other maps and services, can be used for profit analysis in ArcGIS Pro using the ProfitLayers® custom profit mapping system. Think of the Add-In as a one-stop shop: access a suite of Ag-Analytics data streams, including satellite and elevation maps, ADAPT to shapefile converters, AI models, and more! The Ag-Analytics Add-In gives you the data and customizability to truly understand the performance and profit breakdowns of your farms and fields. The Ag-Analytics Add-In is accessed through ArcGIS Pro Desktop, and uses primary ArcGIS Pro functionalities like boundary drawing and AOI creation. You can get started by installing the Ag-Analytics Add-In through the ArcGIS Add-In Manager. Let the Ag-Analytics Add-In help you better understand your profit breakdowns and simplify your work! Learn more about the Ag-Analytics Add-In for ArcGIS Pro. Access Your Precision Ag Data Directly in ArcGIS Pro Quickly and securely integrate your precision agriculture data through John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, or CNH (we’ll handle all processing and loading) Automatically download, view, and manage your integrated precision ag data layers directly in ArcGIS Pro Analyze Your Precision Ag Data by Profit and Other Metrics Analyze your precision ag data and in-field profits in ArcGIS Pro using the Profit Layers® custom profit mapping system Upload local precision ag files to automatically convert data to shapefiles from any format (ADAPT, etc.) Create additional boundaries and AOIs to analyze by custom zones or other areas of interest. Access Additional Satellite and Elevation Maps in ArcGIS Pro Download, view and analyze satellite imagery maps, including NDVI and other crop health metrics, using the Harmonized-LandSat Sentinel (HLS) tool. Download and view field elevation maps and indices using the DEM tool.



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