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AgileAssets® Bridge Inspector™ is a proven, powerful, web-based, GIS-integrated bridge inspection and management system that enables public agencies to record, assess, monitor and manage current and historical inspection, inventory and condition data for bridges, culverts, retaining walls and sign structures. Ensure Public Safety A comprehensive system for assessing, monitoring and managing the condition of bridges and related assets helps ensure public safety by enabling agencies to proactively identify and resolve issues. Extend the Service Life of Your Bridges With its comprehensive feature set, Bridge Inspector provides a systematic approach for the bridge maintenance process, which helps extend the service life of your bridges. Efficiently Generate NBI Reports Bridge Inspector enables users to efficiently generate National Bridge Inventory (NBI) reports for submission to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Bridge Management System and Maintenance System Integration Bridge Inspector seamlessly integrates with AgileAssets’ Bridge Analyst™, bridge management system (BMS) and Maintenance Manager™, to perform sophisticated analysis of bridge networks and to schedule maintenance activities based on long-term plans or to address immediate needs. Easy to Deploy, Easy to Access Bridge Inspector’s browser-based UI facilitates access at the office or in the field, while eliminating IT deployment issues.


Highways & Roads, Public Engineering, Public Works

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