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AgileAssets® Facilities Manager™ maximizes your facilities management program, optimizes your annual and long-term capital budget—delivering the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI). Powerful and Flexible Facilities Manager is a powerful and flexible management system for facilities, related assets, systems and sub-systems, featuring user-defined hierarchies, robust reporting, and easy access to your data. Manage Labor, Equipment and Material Manage labor, equipment and material resources, assign priorities, crews and specific employees to work orders. Seamlessly turn annual plans, problem reports or scheduled work into active work orders. All asset data is stored and accessible to analysis tools that enable you to manage inventories, condition ratings, performance guidelines and maintenance costs. Warranty information is kept related to each asset for fast access and more effective management of warranties. Powerful Analytics Facilities Manager provides powerful analytical tools. Users can use defect, inventory and historic maintenance data to establish future funding levels and level-of- service (LOS) targets. Integrated GIS Framework An integrated GIS framework enables you to display the location and manage all work activities for any facility in a map environment. When combined with our mobile solutions, your facilities team is empowered—wherever they are. Web-Based System Facilities Manager allows agencies to manage their facilities management programs from one centralized, zero footprint, web-based system that can be accessed via standard web browsers.


Highways & Roads, Public Engineering, Public Works

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