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AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ enables you to maximize your maintenance management budget across activities and assets and ensures that the right activity is performed on the right asset at the right time, while delivering the highest possible return-on-investment (ROI). Optimize Use of Available Resources While Eliminating Redundancies Maintenance Manager integrates the planning, scheduling, work recording and reporting phases of your agency’s workflow, which enables you to optimize the use of available resources and eliminate redundant work, while providing your team with the reliable information required to make any business decision. Powerful Analytical Tools Maintenance Manager includes powerful and sophisticated analytical tools that enable you to determine the best work plans to deliver the highest level-of-service (LOS) for a fixed budget or determine the required budget to reach a target LOS. Annual Maintenance Planning Maintenance Manager enables you to estimate maintenance needs and then distribute available budget on an optimized basis by jurisdiction, functional class and maintenance service level. You can analyze the effects of maintenance scenarios and budget scenarios for one or multi-year maintenance planning. Integrated GIS/LRS Framework An integrated GIS/LRS framework enables you to display the location and manage all of your assets, work history, current work orders and reporting in a map environment. When combined with AgileAssets’ mobile solutions, your maintenance team is empowered wherever they are. Easy to Deploy, Easy to Access Maintenance Manager’s browser-based UI facilitates access while eliminating IT deployment issues.


Highways & Roads, Public Engineering, Public Works

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