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Safe facilitates 100% of remote and digital monitoring of properties and producers, protecting the value chain of your agroindustry, offering information that helps with decision-making and protecting your company from financial and reputational losses. By registering the producing territories of interest, our solution will firstly map out it's location and extension. With the geographical perspective of the producing territories in your portfolio, Safe will then run its proprietary analyses to check if the selected pieces of land are infringing on selected socioenvironmental criteria: is the territory superposed with areas identified as being deforrested? Is there any superposition with indigenous reservations? Have the territory's producers been identified as partaking in slave-labour practices? etc. Based on your enterprise's ESG policies and strategies, Safe will verify that the list of criteria that are pertinent to you in order to guarantee compliance in your monitored productive chain. Through Safe today you can ensure compliance with: Beef TACs - Green Grain protocol - Soy moratorium - BACEN resolutions - MAPA regulations - Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) - The Brazilian National Biofuel Policy (RenovaBio) and other demands from the international market. - And many others


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