AI Incube (Parknav)

San Francisco, CA, United States


Parknav is an AI platform capable of finding real-time parking both on-street and off-street almost instantaneously. It’s the only scalable solution that uses zero hardware and works not only on every street but for every type of parking too (free, permit, metered, on-street, lots). We built and patented artificial intelligence that can analyze data generated by cars manufacturers, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, car-sharing services, mapping companies and many other sources, along with our own proprietary data. This simple solution can be deployed anywhere in less than two weeks.



PARKNAV has been revolutionizing on-street parking in real-time with a highly accurate and scalable solution since its founding in 2015. Using BIG DATA and AI, our award-winning data science and machine learning team bring the most precise parking availability information for mobility, smart city, transportation, and automotive. We provide both on-street and off-street parking availability, whether free, metered, or permit, as well as curbside restrictions, traffic control data, and data acquisition from city sensors. Parknav is available in over 1000+ cities across North America & Europe and has over 5.5 billion recorded parking events, already paving the future of urban transportation for smarter cities with a faster, safer, and more efficient traffic flow.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, Training Services