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ALERT™ (AIR Loss Estimates in Real Time) is the industry standard online service providing up-to-date information and loss estimates for major natural catastrophes worldwide. Obtaining reliable catastrophe loss information quickly as an actual event unfolds has become increasingly important for insurers, reinsurers, and investors. This, coupled with the availability of financial instruments that can be used to hedge against events in real time make access to timely information regarding potential catastrophe losses exceedingly valuable. ALERT currently provides loss information for major events, including: tropical cyclones impacting the U.S., the Caribbean, China, Japan, and Australia; extratropical cyclones, or winter storms, in Europe and the U.S.; earthquakes in any of the countries modeled by AIR, and; major inland floods in Great Britain. In addition, AIR will post summary information on other catastrophic events around the world. AIR has issued real-time loss estimates for every US hurricane since Hugo in 1989. Since then, the service has expanded to include regions around the world, providing AIR clients with access to fast, far-reaching, integrated loss information.


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