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Presentation DEIMOS-1 satellite provides standard image products in multispectral mode at a resolution of 22 metres with an image swath of up to 600km. Scenes are delivered as orthorectified product as a standard (level 3) and raw data can be delivered on request. DEIMOS-1 images are ideal for production of value-added information in maritime, agriculture, environment or forestry applications. DEIMOS-1 offers a large range of archive images or access to standard and priority programming collections. Key Features Near real time capacity: data can be delivered in less than 2 hours after acquisition if needed Unique coverage capability for large area of interest 3 million per day, high capacity for repeated imaging Key Benefits Fast coverage of territories thanks to its wide swath Competitive price with archive price starting at € 0,06/sqkm Ortho product as a standard Ability to extract value added products, such as: - Atmospheric correction, vegetation VGT Biophysical parameters: NDVI, etc. - Country coverage: Set of archive images covering a country - DEIMOS Maps: Seamless mosaics


Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Aviation, Community Development, Defense, Education, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Geologic, Humanitarian, Insurance, Intelligence, Land Records, Map, Chart & Data Production, Maritime, Mining, Petroleum, Public Administration & Policy, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Water Resources

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