Surface Movement Monitoring

By Airbus Defense and Space

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Presentation Surface movements giving millimetric precision are derived by applying radarinterferometric technologies. TerraSAR-X as well as data from other radar sensors are utilized. Individual baseline studies as well as long term monitoring requests (for e.g. along multi-year oil and gas production or larger construction projects) can be covered. Key Features The service includes: Project design according to specific conditions Conception and installation of corner reflectors Derivation and delivery of baseline surface movement maps Delivery of periodically updated surface movement maps for oilfield monitoring / surveillance or construction Optionally interpretation and further exploitation of information on surface movements Key Benefits Measurement of surface changes in the millimetric range Higher revisit time (especially with upcoming constellation of TerraSARX/ PAZ) benefitting monitoring of highly dynamic processes High density of measurement points allowing measurement of spatially complex and small-scaled surface movement phenomena Surface movement information available for wide areas in contrast to restricted terrestrial surveying Remote access to surface movement information for minimizing costs and risk for staff Product Description Surface movement maps Millimetric Precision


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