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Presentation Elevation10 provides reliable and customised elevation modelling independent of relief characteristics and weather conditions. The Elevation10 products are based on StripMap stereo pairs (data covering the same area acquired in both ascending and descending orbit directions) acquired by the high-resolution radar satellite TerraSAR-X and processed applying radargrammetry techniques. Key Features Customised to the customer's area of interest (up to full regional or even national coverage) Solid data: based on TerraSAR-X StripMap stereo pairs Comprehensive worldwide coverage (weather independent technology) Reliability: - Quality layers testifying for pixel quality - Homogeneous quality warranted by strict independent quality control - Perfect match between DSM/DTM and Image Layer Key Benefits Down to 5m absolute height accuracy at 10m grid spacing (no Ground Control Points needed) Based on HREGP (military standard (NGA) - equivalent DTED level 3 standards) Regional coverage available from a minimum of 500 sq.km Specifications adaptable to customer requirements Up-to-date elevation information even in cloud-covered areas Product Description 3 different product variants: •DSM ("first surface" elevations including vegetation and manmade structures): - DSM basic - DSM - editing of water bodies included •DTM (bare Earth elevation: vegetation and man-made objects are removed) Additional products: quality layers, orthorectified radar image Posting: 10m


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