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Presentation Elevation4 (E4) and Elevation1 (E1) products are derived from Pléiades stereo and tristereo data. Based on this unique data the DEMs feature a very high level of accuracy and provide highly detailed information. The models are available tailored exactly to the customer's area of interest starting at a minimum of 100 sq.km. Elevation 4&1 are particularly adapted to oil, gas and mining applications. Key Features Very accurate products based on matching of Pléiades stereo image Digital Surface Models (DSM) include the "first surface" elevations (e.g. vegetation and man-made structures) Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation (vegetation and man-made objects removed) can also be provided Key Benefits Compliant to HRE40 (E4) / HRE10 (E1) standards (military standards (NGA)) Elevation4 ideally suited for any kind of relief (urban or environmental) Elevation1 ideally suited for any areas with little vegetation and / or no buildings (e.g. deserts, mineral areas) DSM and DTM available Product Description DSM & DTM Posting: - Elevation4: 4m - Elevation1: 1m Deliverable: - Elevation4: DSM; raw data and mosaic as an option - Elevation1: bundle of DSM + raw data + mosaic Targeted Markets & Applications Particularly adapted to Oil & Gas and Mining applications Urban mapping Hydrology applications Aeronautics - Airport databases Elevation4 Elevation1


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