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Presentation SPOT 6 great acquisition capability enables to cover wide areas in very little time. The simultaneous stereo or tri stereo acquisition makes it possible to offer an 8m posting DEM with high accuracy. Elevation8 is ideally suited for large area mapping update. Key Features Accurate product based on SPOT6 automatic matching of stereo or tristereo images DSM with great accuracy at a very competitive price Grid spacing: 8m Vertical accuracy of 3m (with ≥ 5 accurate GCPs) - Without accurate GCPs, Ref3D is used as standard - Outside the Ref3D coverage: product is based on the sensor absolute location Available anywhere in the world, suitable for large areas Package includes DSM and stereo / tri-stereo pair Production on demand Key Benefits Up to 3-metre vertical accuracy at 8m posting Compliant to HRE80 (military standard (NGA)) specifications DSM and DTM available Ideal for updating maps over large areas Product Description DSM including raw data Posting: 8m Mosaic available on-demand


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