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Presentation Based on TerraSAR-X stereo imagery or multiple image datasets, Ground Control Points (GCPs) are obtained at an outstanding quality, fully independent of weather conditions and daylight and with an accuracy of up to 1m. GCPs are essential for precise orthorectification, derivation of exact location of target, referencing of geodatasets and also the support of versatile planning purposes. Key Features TerraSAR-X delivers GCPs of two standard accuracies: TerraSAR-X GCP-1: five GCPs (standard) with up to 1m accuracy in X/Y/Z are identified in an area of ~20 using three to four TSX High Resolution SpotLight scenes TerraSAR-X GCP-3: 8 GCPs with up to 3m accuracy in X/Y/Z are identified in an area of ~1,000 using two TSX StripMap acquisitions Key Benefits One stop shop offer comprising data acquisition and processing Quick and reliable spaceborne data collection Risk-free collection of ground control information anywhere on Earth Up to 1m accuracy Delivery time of approx. 4 weeks


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