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Airbus Ground Control Points are essential for accurate ortho-rectification of aerial, optical satellite imageries and drone data, for precise localization of ground features and landmarks detection. Furthermore Ground Control Points calibrate and validate all kind of maps (topographic, HD maps) and increases the accuracy of Geo Data. Fully independent of weather conditions and daylight the Ground Control Points can be extracted anywhere on Earth at any time. Assets of Airbus Ground Control Points: -- Essential for precise ortho-rectification of optical imagery, Elevation Models and Maps -- Validate & Calibrate mobile mapping data & HD maps for autonomous driving vehicles -- Precise Geo- Information Layer for Mapping (Map scales 1.2,500 – 1.10,000) Runway accuracy determination for aircraft landing safety -- Precise localization of ground features for mission planning Ground Control Points key features: -- Accuracies up to 10 cm horizontal/vertical Covering large areas (1000 km²) per product -- Complementing in-situ measurements -- 10 to 20 Ground Control Points to choose per product -- ESRI shape file and Google KML file with the exact point location information


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