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Monitoring Insights for Shutdown Airbus’ RefineryScanner combines weekly refreshed satellite imagery with advanced analytics to indicate refinery shutdowns up to six weeks ahead of the market, as well as drawing implications on crude capacity. RefineryScanner enables users to: -- Systematically monitor refinery activity on a global scale -- View the latest satellite imagery for indication of shutdown activity -- Gather information of refineries undergoing planned, unexpected and extended maintenance -- Translate shutdown data to more accurately assess the potential impact on demand and supply flows for crude oil and derived products -- Draw more precise insights on global or regional refining capacity -- Access information via a dedicated online dashboard, email alerts and CSV download RefineryScanner in numbers: -- Up to 6 weeks prior notice of shutdown event -- Accurate monitoring of ~100 of the key refineries globally 15 million barrels per day of refining capacity tracked Your Advantages with RefineryScanner: -- Timely - Better predict refinery shutdowns up to 6 weeks before occurrence thanks to accurate activity-monitoring algorithms -- Unit-level - More detailed identification of specific refining units that will undergo maintenance -- Actionable - Better quantify the impact of shutdowns on regional crude demand and refined product supply -- Unbiased - Trade with more confidence by using a dataset independent of market rumors


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