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Presentation SAFEcommand is a set of component applications and services that ensure the effective deployment of Command & Control information to mobile resources in the field. SAFEcommand can assist public safety, government and emergency planning and response organisations to meet their critical "duty of care" objectives through the provision of real-time location intelligence for integrated operations planning and response as well as full mobile data. Key Features Provides a central system for effective data consolidation and management prior to deployment to frontline resources Automatic distribution of the centrally managed data to the in-vehicle systems via Wireless Network and GPRS Resilient real-time distribution of Command & Control messages and status to the in-vehicle systems over multiple bearers Integrated front end system bringing together centrally managed and real-time data Easy-to-use, intuitive GIS-based systems Key Benefits Access up-to-date and accurate information Improved response times Accurate real-time location of resources Supports multi-agency data sharing Efficient and flexible contingency planning and emergency response solution Real-time mobile data communication


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