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High Resolution Hydrological Mapping & Modelling In times of changing climate conditions, reliable, accurate and globally available information about water bodies and drainage networks as inputs for hazard modelling and simulations (e.g. simulation of river inundation, landslide modelling), becomes ever more important. The WorldDEM Hydro layer is the first high resolution hydro layer that comprises homogenous and accurate spatial information of inland water bodies on a global scale. It is derived from the global WorldDEM dataset and provides a means for hydrological mapping, analysis and modelling from local to global scale. WorldDEM Hydro Layer key features: -- Spatial information and geometry of water bodies all over the globe -- Suitable as input for hydro-related simulations such as river inundation modelling -- Spatial information of drainage networks for hazard mapping and modelling (e.g. landslide modelling) -- Suitable as high resolution input dataset for basemaps Your Advantages with the WorldDEM Hydro Layer: -- Global hydro base layer for mapping & modelling from local to global scale -- High resolution mapping on a scale up to 1:25,000 -- Homogeneous and consistent inland water bodies from single-source -- Up-to-date and available globally


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