Akimeka, LLC, a Subsidiary of VSE Corporation

Kahului, HI, United States


Akimeka, LLC, a subsidiary of VSE Corporation, is a premier Information Technology and Information Management (IT/IM) services company specializing in providing software engineering and integration support to the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, State and Local agencies. Blending proven IT and IM capabilities with disciplined project management approaches, Akimeka applies industry best practices to deliver high-impact solutions that meet high-priority challenges. Key components include Next Generation 9-1-1 Services, Geospatial Consulting Services, GIS Integration Services, System Engineering, Software Application Design, Development, Test, Deployment and Sustainment, Data Center Operations and Maintenance, and Business Process Improvement.



9-1-1 ADVISORY & CONSULTING Akimeka offers 9-1-1 and PSAP consulting on topics such as state and local procurement, CAD/mapping system, system integration process, GIS upload procedures, call volume analysis, discrepancy reporting and process assistance, NENA compliance analysis, and Jurisdictional Authority boundary. 9-1-1 GIS SERVICES Akimeka’s 9-1-1 GIS Services provide integrated, synchronized, and accurate maps that exceed industry regulations. With a track record of achieving over 99% location accuracy, our 9-1-1 GIS services include compliance audits, data correction, data collection, site testing and verification, CAD/GIS configuration, response area analysis, MSAG coordination, and Jurisdictional Authority boundaries. MSAG & ALI DATA SERVICES Akimeka’s MSAG services for telephone and VoIP telephone databases include MSAG audits and analysis, corrections, updates to the GIS, ALI discrepancy reporting, monthly transaction reporting, call routing audits and corrections. WIRELESS DATABASE SERVICES Akimeka’s services include baseline wireless database creation, wireless routing analysis, GIS database maintenance, CRS processing, wireless GIS mapping system integration, consulting for class of service, location accuracy assessments, and reporting and wireless data correction services.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, Training Services