Alam Informasi Sdn Bhd

CyberJaya, 10, Malaysia


Alam Informasi Sdn. Bhd. (ALAMI) is a full-fledged IT company with expertise in geospatial application, Semantic web and Internet application development, IT support services, and data preparation services. Our explicit focus is on the development of geospatial solutions and Semantic technology. We have technological competence and have partnerships with leading technology providers. In addition to conventional IT implementation and information management services, we provide services for users who require rapid and easy access to geo-information, maps, and geographicbased reports to enable them to carry out tasks in their business that involve GIS functionalities without requiring them to develop GIS applications. Semantic Technology Solutions to capture, apply, and generate knowledge to increase the usability and effectiveness through unambiguous understanding fostered by the solutions. Semantic solution for geospatial to provide user-oriented functions and maps through application services on the web to be used by other compliant applications. Geospatial Solution Consultation on Enterprise Geospatial Solution. Implementation of Enterprise Geospatial Solution • Spatially-enabled information infrastructure • Service-based application model • Implementation of open, interoperable and standards based solutions • Intelligible spatial knowledgebase



Capabilities We have a complete range of capabilities to deliver right solutions for our clients and to ensure high service availability. We also prepare the necessary data and knowledgebase for meaningful business operations besides providing services to impart the technical know-how to our clients. Development We offer application development services to build scalable solutions that meet the requirements of our clients. Consulting We draw on our technical and project management expertise to provide resources to our clients in their spatial information management needs. We provide a wide range of GIS consulting services including capturing of knowledge involved in business processes, enabling the access to the knowledge and allowing the knowledge to be enriched and validated. We are experienced in customizing software applications, designing and establishing databases, as well as providing GIS for streamlining of operations. Data Preparation We have in depth experience in GIS data preparation. Data is always a crucial concern in establishing and maintaining GIS. We observe MS 1759 standards in our data preparation works. Support and Maintenance We are committed to helping our customers by providing effective and reliable technical support. Our support and maintenance team provides professional technical supports. Training We routinely conduct IT and GIS-related training to customers. We have experienced and ESRI certified trainers for the GIS courses.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services