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The solution leverages ESRI's ArcGIS platform and provides utilities companies with advanced capabilities in asset management, work order management, and field operations. The application allows utilities companies to create, manage, and maintain their assets such as transformers, poles, and cables in a centralized GIS database. This enables utilities companies to have a real-time view of their assets, their location, and their condition, which helps them make informed decisions about maintenance and upgrades. In addition, the solution provides a work order management system that allows utilities companies to create, assign, and track work orders in real-time. This enables utilities companies to streamline their operations and improve their response times to customer requests. The solution also includes a field operations component that allows field crews to access and update asset information in real-time using mobile devices. This enables utilities companies to improve their efficiency and accuracy when performing maintenance or repairs in the field.


Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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