Aloft Geographic

Newberry, SC, United States


We provide GIS, imagery and LiDAR across the United States from our South Carolina office. From our ArcGIS Jumpstart services to Custom App Development and Data Management Services, Aloft Geographic helps you take your data out of the office and into the field with customized web maps, applications, and training that fit your organization’s needs. Our services can start you from the ground up with GIS or enhance an existing GIS implementation. We also provide traditional land surveying services that integrate directly into GIS. Mash survey grade data, UAV imagery and LiDAR into GIS and it can bring your infrastructure to life.



WORK ORDER MANAGEMENT Aloft Geographic has moved customers off of paper and onto easy to use, reliable web applications. These applications allow employees to update their work live in the field, allowing managers and office employees full insight on where their employees are. Web applications are a great way to allow teams to stay informed with the latest data and allows managers to make analysis using live data. UAV for GIS Aloft Geographic offers UAV deliverables that can be used to improve GIS services. Drones offer a fast and efficient way to collect data for many different uses. UAV imagery, video, or 3D models for effective emergency management. Collect LIDAR Data for 3D maps, stormwater management, building/zoning etc. ArcGIS JUMPSTART Aloft Geographic’s GIS team will meet with you and discuss your teams priorities and goals to create a project charter that will help us jumpstart your ArcGIS Online and Portal account. After, we will set up your accounts, populate your ArcGIS Online and work with your team to transfer knowledge needed to effectively manage your new ArcGIS Online. This will leave you with the ability to get the full use out of your account and maximize the use of your data. Benefits include: Have the ability to take your data out of the office and into the field. Create an online presence. Create customized web maps and applications that fit your organizations need. Share maps and apps with the public and all members of your organization.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration