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Altamira provides GIS and cloud expertise to make school planning easier for both school planners and families. We have built ARIA (Advanced Regional Integrated Analytics); an advanced tool, that delivers student growth forecasts, helps inform five-year plans, conducts boundary changes, analyzes student demographics, and highlights equity issues on a map at the touch of a button. School district leaders, local education authorities, students and parents benefit from our services. As an Esri partner, we work with district and technology leaders to leverage and expand the ArcGIS ecosystem. ARIA uses Esri as a backbone, allowing you to ingest, publish, and synchronize data with your own GIS database. ARIA is a secure, affordable and easy to use SAAS that can be accessed from any browser. Improve your school district decision-making and growth management, all in one place, geovisually, intuitively and instantaneously. #SchoolPlanningMadeEasy



ARIA enables district leaders to achieve the following benefits: * Simplify complex analysis on student demographic data * Accelerate understanding of geographical boundary changes on schooling * Report on key insights, share information and unleash district collaboration * Reach rapid and unbiased decisions for the education community benefit ARIA brings together data from your SIS, GIS databases, census records, and county property information, enabling you to analyze your school district data Benefits for school planners: * Rapid analysis of your student assignment, enrollment, and local trends * Support your boundary planning, relocations, expansion, and redistricting * Facilitate real estate transactions, school growth and concurrency processes Benefits for GIS / IT Experts: * ARIA uses Esri as a backbone and allows you to ingest, publish and synchronize data with your own GIS Database * Enrich your data to improve spatial analysis and boundaries assessments * Build a cohesive seamless mapping system Benefits for superintendents: * Power your teams to immediately see the number of students in a specific zone, their grade levels and where they live * Simplify student forecasting using aggregated census and other demographic data * Enable quick and reliable answers to key questions (e.g. school opening, resizing, district improvement) For further information about our services or to discuss challenges your district faces, please contact us

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services