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AMS Consulting provides mobile mapping asset management solutions. We have the technology than can collect accurate geo-referenced 360 degree panoramic imagery and extract right-of-way asset features such as roads, sidewalks, trees, etc. Prior to our technology, our field staff would manually collect these assets using accurate handheld mobile devices. However, this solution became costly us and our clients. Collecting data using 360 degree cameras and Applanix PosLV technology we now have the capability to reduce time immensely and increase the level of accuracy. After imaging the right-of-way, AMS uses third-party proprietary software that takes these accurate 360 degree images to extract features such as they type of asset, condition, horizontal location, etc. This information can easily be imported into a Geographic Information System (GIS) or Infrastructure Asset Management System. Other types of application can be used with this technology: Utilities: Our 360 degree panoramic data can be used for utilities and help create inventories for their assets. This information can help utility field staff inspect the vegetation, type of pole, conditions, and gather measurement information. Public Safety: Our 360 degree panoramic data can be integrated with your current GIS for public safety. Instead of viewing the 2D data set, public safety can use and assess the 360 degree imagery and gain a better understanding of their environment prior to going out to the scene. Insurance: Our 360 degree panoramic data can be used for helping insurance companies manage underwriting risks for residential and commercial properties. This helps insurance companies visualize properties without sending field staff to the site to assess.


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