Istanbul, Türkiye


ANKAGEO was established in 2009 with the synergy of a team that combines information technologies, map production, software, and management experiences. By determining the intersection areas of these three sectors as its field of activity, it continues to provide added value to the relevant sectors by producing qualified projects and special Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions with a multi-disciplinary staff. In order to respond to the changing engineering needs, ANKAGEO’s primary goal is development and production of innovative and high value-added technologies and ANKAGEO prioritizes the needs and demands of the sector and its customers by adopting a customer centric approach to its solution development processes.



Overview: Since its inception in 2009, we proved to have designed, developed, and delivered projects for leading companies and government institutions which includes satellite and telecom companies and government ministries responsible for roads, power, water, gas, and education. ANKAGEO’s senior executives have 20 years of GIS experience and have worked on a variety of GIS projects locally and internationally. A diverse and international team consists of IT system designers, AI specialists, architectural engineers, analysts, and an excellent project management team. A multilingual team is capable of delivering projects anywhere in the world. Services We Provide: ANKAGEO provides variety of GIS solutions and services such as Rapid Data Collection Techniques with Mobile Mapping System, Scaled and Unscaled Panoramic Imaging, Map Production with GIS Application Software, Asset Management GIS Software, Investment Tracking GIS Software, Smart City Management Platform with Oblique Imagery and Public Applications and Mobile Applications, digital twin, HD map production, data analytics

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, System Architecture and Design, System Integration