Apator Rector Sp z o o

Zielona Gora, Poland


Apator Rector Company Ltd., present on the Polish market for software for 17 years, since its inception is inextricably linked with GIS technology. Flagship products include systems for asset management support offered to the Utilities . In 2008, Apator SA acquired 70 percent shares, implementing the strategy of preparation to the Smart Metering market. Today Apator Rector is a company employing over 150 employees and continually cooperates with over 200 people implementing projects related to digitalizing and inventory of power grids. Within the range of our products and services, Apator Rector offers its solutions in the following fields: • Geographic Information System (GIS), • Work Management System (WMS), • Mobile Workforce Management System (MWMS), • Outage Management System (OMS), • Network Calculations System (NCS), • Network Operations Management and Planning (NOM), • Meter Data Management (MDM), • Customer Information System (CIS), • New Customer Connection (NCC), • Customer Support Management System (CSMS), • Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), • Management Information System (MIS), • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Industries Served: Electric & Gas, Telecommunications, Water supply systems, Government, Heat Engineering