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Apex Software develops solutions and tools that bridge the gap and encourage collaboration between departments that benefit from shared data and services. Apex’s Esri Extension connects Assessor sketch data and GIS by automating the tedious task of linking sketch shapefiles and allowing for fast and easy placement of sketches on the building layer. It’s a cost effective tool to easily maintain your building layer. This utility will save your GIS department weeks of work and thousands of dollars, and allows the building layer to stay up to date with the most current sketches. The Extension can be configured to only select sketches that have been added or edited since the last update. The Extension can be run with Esri’s ArcGIS 9.3 Viewer or 10.x Basic. It features an easy to use wizard, which leads the technical and non-technical user through the process to link sketches to the parcel layer. Efficiency is increased with auto-selection and shortcut keys, which aid in the georeferencing process. Take advantage of the built-in ArcGIS functionality to orientate and anchor the building over your current imagery. As a final step, you can merge current and edited layers together to form one updated building layer.



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