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In efforts of preparing for ESRI's Utility Network; Apex partnered with a Fortune 500 Gas and Electric Utility client in efforts to reduce a backlog of 140,000 as-built/legacy source records that are insufficient to justify additions to their GIS spatial database. Backlog includes over 50 years of work orders varying from different regions and types of gas utility facilities. Project Ramp Up:  Project Start October 2020 Establish data analyst and QC Lead ratio with their respective roles and responsibilities Determined metric tracking tools, dashboards, reporting cadence and individual/team performance expectations.  Outlined tools/software required for Data Analysts, Quality Control leads, and Project Lead and their interactions with those tools.  Created onboarding and initial workflow documentation to resolve source records in the backlog. Created additional team specific reference guides for common utility terminology and symbology. Training sessions facilitated by subject matter experts from the client to explain specific internal processes and resolutions.  Defined quality control sample size, desired quality scores, and workflow. Project Milestones:  ≈ 127,000 Work Orders (WOs) Resolved More than 92,000 WOs Resolved by Source Record Validation Process  35,000+ WOs designated for bulk closure  Quality of 85% or higher on Work Order Resolutions (sample size of 20% based on completed work)   Resolutions for WOs in Backlog (by order of avg. handle time) Close (5-10 minutes)– WO either includes information that does not need to be added to geospatial database or WO was a duplicate for the same service or main line.  Resend (10-20 minutes)- WO already contains justification to add to the database based on defined criteria from client (Install date, size, pressure, length, material, and location) Resend w/ documentation (15-25 minutes) – Additional source records or as-built documentation was found and added to WO for GIS to add to the database Bulk Closure Criteria: Identify source records in backlog as duplicates or designated for backlog in error based on information within the as-built, legacy, or planned work order documentation. Problem Category  Problem Remarks / Comments Region / Sub-region


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